The Focus 53 Podcast: Business Systems, People, & Processes

The Focus 53 Podcast in your one-stop shop for all things related to business operations. We focus on the systems, people, and processes needed to run a successful business. If you’re looking to improve your business and need practical help, this is the show for you. Ryan is a business coach and strategist that has had the privilege of working with companies of all sizes from Microsoft, Sports Illustrated and Time Inc. to hundreds of small businesses in the last 20 years. We focus on Business Operations and helping business owners identify and solve opportunities and roadblocks with the people and processes in their company.
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The Focus 53 Podcast: Business Systems, People, & Processes


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Mar 8, 2017

My guest today is Cameron Herold, the mastermind behind the exponential growth of hundreds of companies. Cameron built a dynamic consultancy and his current clients include a Big Four wireless carrier and a monarchy. His clients say what they like the most about him is that he isn't a "theory" guy. And this is what I like the most about him as well. He speaks from experience. He's actually done the things he talks about doing.

He has a reputation for growing businesses and he's the guru behind them in doubling their profit and doubling their revenue in just three years or less.

Topics We Discuss:
Major challenges of organizations: Vision & Alignment and Quality level of people
Cameron's concept of the Vivid Vision: A 5-paged written document that describes your company in vivid detail three years from today
The challenge to get A players and working hard at getting rid of the wrong people
Is business difficult?
Hiring for greatness: Finding people who have done it before + Reference checks
The power of having a daily accountability partner
Focusing on the critical few things versus the important many
Hiring A players: Giving them a better place to work + Core values
Stop making excuses, fix your excuses!
Metrics for success: Net promoter score + SWOT Analysis
Factors for profitability: Employees first, customers second
How to grow your business from zero to 60: Customer satisfaction
Balancing systems: Family first, personal stuff second, then work
The importance of unplugging yourself from work
Building fun activities and building your business around that


Books, People, & Resources:
Double Double by Cameron Herold
The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs by Cameron Herold
Good to Great by Jim Collins
The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard
Endurance by Alfred Lansing
Toronto Sport and Social Club


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